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Best Storage To Use When Organising Your Shed/ Garage

Following on from last weeks top tips to keep your shed organised, this week we will look at best storage to use to keep all your hard work in place!

Step 1: Don't go out and buy loads of storage until the decluttering is done and you know what you are left with.

Step 2: When you are looking at storage options make sure you have your measurements handy and you know what will fit comfortably in the space.

Remember this space is an extension of your home, don't treat it like a dumping ground. We don't want to add big bulky furniture or storage options, we want to ensure there is still space and you can see everything you have.

Step 3: Look & price around for the different storage options. A lot of places do offer similar items - it is up to you to decide what you want to go with.

My Recommendations

  1. Of course, first up is clear containers... big ones. You can buy them in,,, My go to is Homestore & More - See figure 1.

  2. Shelving. Good sturdy shelving is key - it will need to hold all the boxes. You can purchase them in, and other hardware shops. See figure 2 - this is from Screwfix and it is sturdy.

You can also get the shelving that attaches to the ceiling - I have not used any therefore I can not recommend any but there is a good few options out there.

3. Hooks for the wall - you can attach your brush etc. up here to be off the ground.

4. Smaller containers to categorise the smaller items you may have.

5. IKEA Peg boards are great too! You can use these for tools, garden items etc. SKÅDIS Pegboard, white, 76x56 cm - IKEA Ireland

Shelving Unit

Thanks for reading! If this sounds too much and you still don't know where to start, reach out to me today. I offer this as one of my services!

Chloe x

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