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Decluttering your home this Spring

It is Spring, lets go... the mornings are freshers, the evenings are brighter & our energy levels are up.

Spring time encourages us to get out of the house more and open the windows. The light is shining in and we can see all the dust and dirt that was neglected over the winter months. This is the best time to get stuck into a declutter of your home...

Below I will highlight the 2 key areas to tackle this week as we start the month of April.

I will break these tasks down into smaller 15 Minute Revitalises over on my Instagram/ Facebook stories!


Go through all your towels and bed linen. First step we will empty the area, categories like items.

Next up, we will declutter items. Look at what towels have seen better days? Are there stains on the towels that can be removed and repurposed for something else? Maybe football, or cleaning? How many towels do you have, and how many people are in your family?

I always recommend 2 sets of towels per person plus a spare. Extra hand towels for the bathrooms of course.

Think about it, if you have more towels, you will either have more washing, or have towels sitting there wasting valuable space?

Every space in your home is valuable. Having a clear space can benefit your mental health and overall productivity.

Now, we will do the same with our bed linen. Remove any damaged sets. Look at how many sets you have and how many beds are in the house.

2 sets per bed. One for on the bed and one spare for when the wash is on. Sets refers to everything you need to make the bed. The sheets, top cover, pillowcases etc.

Now you have done the hard part and removed items from your home. Now you will need to organise the items in a way that works for you.

Keep one size towel together and create sections, keep a full bed cover set together. You can fold these together to stay in the set. Check out my Socials for video's on how to fold towels and bed linen.

Winter Clothes

Now that we are into April, I think we can safely put away our winter jackets and jumpers.

If you are lucky enough to have an extra wardrobe space, great! You are going to move your heavy winter items out of your daily wardrobe and move into the spare wardrobe.

If you do not have a spare wardrobe, vacuum bags are going to be your best friend! I love them and use them at any chance I can get.

Before you store them away ask yourself: Did I wear it during the Winter? Do I see myself wearing it again? Do I love it?

If you have answered NO to any of them questions it may be time you donated the item for someone else to enjoy now.

Once they have been vacuumed place them into a storage box, label the box, and store them away. You can store them under your bed (if you have the space), on the high shelf of your wardrobe, or your attic space.

Your wardrobe should only have items you wear daily. It should not include off season clothes etc.

Now you have freed up some space you may be able to take some spring bits back into your wardrobe that have been stored away from last year.


I am not associated or affiliated with these products in any way. Just love using them and want to share my recommendations.

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