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Exit Plan - Where To Put Your Unwanted Items

This is a important step in your decluttering & organising journey. One that is often overlooked a lot of the time.

Before you start decluttering your home familiarise yourself with the different places that take the different pre loved items. Not every store will accept all your items.

Once then you have decluttered and you know what you have to donate you will be able to remove the items from your home (Rather than doing it the other way around).

Step 1: As you are decluttering create different piles and section your items. This means keep clothes in one bag, books in another, electrical items separate etc. Any items for family or friends in another bag..

Step 2: If you have a half a day to declutter take into consideration the time it will take to go to the charity shop/ recycling centre when planning your time.

Step 3: Remove the items from your home completely. If you keep the items in a bag at the room door, they will find a way to make their way back in!

Step 4: Once the decluttering is done make your way to drop off the items for donation. Even if you have items for friends/family, text them straight away to ask if they want an items or drop it off at their home to check.

Next up lets look at what shops take which items for donation:

Clothes, Books, Shoes, CDs ( in their case), towels, linen, homeware, Glassware: SVP, Oxfam, NCBI, Enable Ireland, Irish Cancer Society - check your local shops. A lot of main charity shops will take these items.

Toys, LEGO: Jack & Jill foundation, Enable Ireland

Electrical items: Electrical Shops will take these free of charge, your local recycling centre, some charity shops will take if in box and unopened. You will need to check first with them.

Old medication, old make-up: Boots. Check with your local pharmacy's too.

Bigger Furniture: Check first with your local charity shops if they have the space. Some places will require a picture of the item to be sent to them first to check the condition.

Duvets, Blankets, Teddy Bears: Local animal shelters

Light Bulbs & Batteries: Tesco, local recycling centre.

Paint: Local recycling Centre

Where to sell your pre loved items:

Clothes: Vinted, Happy Days Style, Another Day Out,

Household Items: Facebook Market place

These are the places I use the most. Do check out your local charity shops also. There are of course more charities out there. This is to give you a general idea and a place to start your research.

Now you have your exit plan in place. Happy Decluttering!

I hope you found this helpful!

Chloe x

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