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How my client went from a chaotic bedtime every night to now a calming bedtime routine with this one change 

And no she didn't buy more sensory lights for the bedroom…. 

When my client came to me the bedtime routine was just chaotic. The children would be screaming and crying, nothing seemed to go to plan and my client was exhausted by the end of it all. 

The children would be in bed past their bedtime and usually woke in the middle of the night too. This began to affect my clients mental health but also she knew it wasn't good for the children to go through this every night. 

The reason why this was happening was because there was no calming system in the home. Let me tell you why.. 

My client always made sure the kids bedroom was tidy and organised as she knew how important it was to have a clear bedroom space. But the other parts of the home were the opposite. Piles of clutter on surfaces, in corners and taking up key spaces in the home. 

The sitting room was filled with random items that did not need to be in the living space. The toys were overflowing which alone caused the children to have meltdowns every time they went to play as they were overstimulated. Simply, there was too much in that space and the child didn't know how to cope. 

Then when it came to tea time there was no clear space on the kitchen table for the children to eat. This meant they went to the sofa or even went up to their bedroom to eat. There was no structure in the home for a healthy routine to be created which led to a chaotic bedtime routine. 

When I worked with my client I implemented a calming system across the entire home. This meant each space in the home had a purpose and worked for everyone in the family. Each space/ room worked in conjunction with each other and they were no longer isolated spaces. 

This allowed my client to create a calming bedtime routine for her children and to create a healthy home environment for her children to grow up in 

If you want to find out more about creating a calming system across your home fill in the contact form to include ‘Complete Home Package’ today to find out how I can help you achieve this

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