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How To Pack For Your Holidays Like A Pro

It is that time of year again where we head off for a well deserved break from normality...

It is all so exciting to be getting away, we are out buying all the summer clothes and pretty clothes, all the mini creams, and then we are trying to cram it all into a suitcase.

Packing for holidays is no doubt a task. Whether it is for yourself, or for your kids too.

Good news, there are 3 steps you can follow to pack like a pro!

1. Stop over spending:

Before you even go out into the shops look at what you have. Take any summer/holiday clothes out of your wardrobe and gather them all together. Have a look at what you want to keep and bring with you.

Anything you do not want to keep or do not love anymore be sure to remove from your home and donate to a local charity shop.

If you need new items, make a list.

2. Pre planning your outfits is key:

Now that you know what clothes you have and you didn't over spend, lay them all out and outfit plan! Plan exactly what you need for the full outfit. Shoes, jewellery, maybe a light jacket for the evening? Underwear, Swimwear etc.

Remember, you are not going to outfit change 3 times a day. You will re wear some clothes too. Look at how you can swap and change some tops/bottoms for a different outfit look.

When your outfits are laid out you can go the extra step and try them all on and take a picture. If you have too many outfits, taking this picture can help pick out some of the outfits you no longer want to take.

3. Actually Packing

Packing cubes are my best friend. If you are not using them yet you need to start now! They are a game changer for packing & unpacking when you arrive at your hotel.

Packing cubes allow you to pack and organise your items into small/ medium size zip bags. You can either pack by outfit, pack by clothing type (tops, trousers etc.), Or you can pack by person if all sharing the one suitcase.

Whichever way makes sense for you. Roll the clothes into the cubes works best!

You can place your shoes into one of the larger bags too! Place your socks and underwear into your runners.

In a set of cubes you will also get smaller bags for your sun creams, cosmetics etc. Be sure to separate and categorise all of your items.

I like to also keep one small cube for my hand luggage to keep a change of clothes, toothbrush and any other items I may need to hand, and if there was a delay with the suitcase!


Amazon Packing Cubes here

Thanks for reading!

Chloe x

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