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How To Save Time Cleaning Your House

Do you feel like you are always 'cleaning' your house? Always trying to keep the worktop clear, the toys away and the clothes from overflowing?

Is it a vicious circle? It is clean one minute, the kids come home and your back to square one?

I have the answer. It will just require some work on your side.

15 Minute Revitalise - these should be your best friend.

This is when you set a timer for 15 minutes and focus on one small area of your home to declutter. This is a very small area like one drawer, your socks, wires - one category.

Go through this area and remove any items from your home that you don't need/ use (refer to the decluttering questions for guidance) & also rehome any items that should not be in this category or section of your home.

Aim to do 4 of these a week. Do 15 minutes less cleaning and add 15 minutes decluttering! By doing these you are tackling the problem rather than just cleaning around the items. You are removing items from your home that do not add value to you or your family.

Be Mindful of what you take into your home. I would say my home is organised and I only have what I need. This does not mean I am done and I never have to declutter or organise again. If I continue to take more and more into my house I will end up back at square one. Our home life can change so it is normal to adjust your home with you. We want our homes to work hard for us.

Set a timer when you are cleaning

Ok so I classify cleaning as actually cleaning, like hoovering, mopping etc. We will also have to 'tidy up' after meals, putting toys away and other stuff as the day goes on.

The purpose of having a decluttered and organised home is to ensure we have the systems in place for YOUR routines. What works for you as a family. This means everything has a 'home' - it can be put away and everyone knows where it is. By doing this it will make the cleaning, and tidying up process much easier and the whole family can get involved.

When it comes to my washing I stick it on when the basket is full. I don't wait for once a week and do it all (that would stress me out too much). For the other cleaning tasks such as cleaning the bathroom, dusting, mopping etc. I set one hour a week.

On a Saturday morning I set a timer for one hour and get to work. During the week I add things to the list that I see or think of. When Saturday morning comes I get stuck in and get as much done on the list that I can.

Key Take Away Points:

  • Aim to do 4 sessions of 15 minute Revitalise per week

  • Keep your worktops & floors clear

  • Do little but often

  • Be mindful of what you are taking into your home

  • Don't Stress over having a 'perfect' home - it is about making it work for you

  • Set a timer for cleaning - this will keep you focused.

  • Make a list of areas you want to tackle - but don't feel pressured to complete this list.

  • Get the whole family involved

Thank you for reading! Be sure to follow my Instagram/Facebook page for daily tips and tricks @Revitaliseyourhome

If you want to Revitalise your home this August get in touch today for your free 30 minute consultation to find out how I can help - Click Here

Chloe x

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