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September Revitalise - 4 Areas To Tackle To Make Your Home Organised

The summer has come to an end (if your in Ireland like me, did it even start? lol)

The kids are going back to school, we are (trying) to get back into a routine, the colder & darker evenings are creeping in and it is time to reset your home.

For me, September feels like the start of a new year. It's like a new term, fresh start, new routines and new goals for myself and my home.

Below are 4 top areas you should look at to get ahead & organise your home!

Rotate your Clothes

Take our your summer clothes and swap over your autumn/winter clothes.

If you have space in your wardrobe you can swap them over to one side. If you are limited on space you can take them out of your wardrobe space & store them in a vacuum bag/ storage bag somewhere else.

This may be under your bed, on top of your wardrobe - wherever you have free space. The key is to remove them from your space.

I like to store any of my 'holiday' type clothing in a separate bag, Summer clothes in another, and then my swimwear in another. Categorising will help you find what you are looking for a lot quicker!

Once these have been removed you are left with just the clothing you will wear for this time of year. Now is also the perfect chance to have a fresh look through your jumpers & coats and decide if you will still wear them, and you love them! Declutter where possible!

We don't want items we won't wear taking up space in our wardrobes, and stopping us from seeing the beautiful items we do have and love to wear.

Your Living Space

This is more than likely the room you spend the most time in, especially this time of year. If you are like me I love to get cosy up on the sofa and relax in these darker evenings. I like to sit down in a space that is inviting and relaxing. Not a space filled with clutter.

Try to reduce any 'visual clutter'. This is items on the tops of surfaces, a lot of items on the ground, or just too much going on that you don't feel relaxed. Sit on the sofa and look around. What is in the way, what is missing, what do I want this space to be used for? How do I want to feel when I come into this room?

Don't be afraid to change things around if they are not working.

Ensure the space works for YOU. Are the items you need easily accessible? Can you comfortably sit down with a cup of tea?


Now is the perfect time to declutter Toys! Go through all of them and check what is still played with and what can be donated.

Remember children do not need lots of toys. This in fact can over stimulate them. If you are feeling brave & you have time on your hands get your kids involved.

Ensure everything is categorised, contained & labelled as much as possible.

Kitchen Worktops

Keep those kitchen worktops clear! Only keep out what is used daily. Ask yourself 'What do you need out and what can be put away?'

If there are a lot of items you use daily, have a look at what space you have. Weigh up the importance of the different items and the actual space you have.

Having clear worktops will reduce 'visual clutter'. It will also make the morning and evening routines a lot quicker and easier to navigate through.

However, this does not mean throw everything into the presses. If there is no space in their you may need to do a quick 15 minute Revitalise!

Home Office & Homework Station

If you work from Home ensure your space/ Office is clutter free and organised! Make sure you have what you need close to you and anything else is removed. This will only add distractions to your day.

Also check do you have a clear space for the kids to do their home work? Maybe a desk space or maybe they use the Kitchen table. Wherever it is ensure there is space and they have all the items they need close by. I recommend adding a 'Homework Station'. This could be a basket, a box, a trolley - It should contain all the items they need to do their homework and it lives in one space of your home.

Thanks for reading! Please tag me or send over any pictures of your September Revitalise, I would love to see your Organisation Skills!

Happy Organising!

Chloe x

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