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Summer Chaos - How To Organise Your Home This Summer

Do you come in after a day away or maybe after a day in the garden and you have just thrown stuff everywhere?

Do you find it hard to keep on top of your home when the weather is good?

When there is a system and your home is organised this wont happen. Every item will have a 'home' & there wont be chaos.

The first most important step, before any decluttering starts we need to ask ourselves what we want to change, define clear goals, identify the current pitfalls in your home and get a plan in place.

As I say all the time do not try to tackle a big area by yourself or in a short period of time. Decluttering & Organising can take a lot of time and energy. If you throw yourself into the deep end it may very well put you off for life!

If you live with others get them involved too!

Lets break it down....

  1. Write down the current 'problem areas' in your home

  2. Write down how you feel in your home currently

  3. Write down what you would like to change about your home

Now lets look at how we can change these issues...

  1. Pick the top 'problem area' and focus on this for one week. Each day spend 15 minutes on that area, working away at one section at a time.

  2. At the start of the week write down the smaller areas you are going to tackle. It can be 2, it can be 3 areas. Do what you can. Don't be afraid to push yourself but do not put pressure on yourself to get it done.

  3. Declutter each section one at a time.

  4. Categorise & Contain the items.

  5. Organise in a way that works for you and your home.

  6. Review at the end of the week how you feel. Notice how your mood and emotions have changed now clutter has been cleared.

It is key to have a plan. If you go in blind you will fail. You need to know where you are going. I find starting with 'easy items' will make the decluttering process easier for you.

For example, tea-towels, plates, cutlery etc... Don't start with your clothes, or personal sentimental items. Leave them until near the end.

Once you have gotten into the swing of things by the time you come to your clothes for example you will be a pro at decluttering and you will know exactly how you should feel when you see the item.

Again, don't put pressure on yourself. Don't make a big long list and at the end of the week put yourself down if it wasn't completed. We can only do what we can. My method is small wins each day.

Thanks for reading! Let me know below does this method work for you?

Chloe x

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