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Too embarrassed to have friends over in fear of what they will think of the mess?

How my client went from being too embarrassed to invite her friends and family into her home to now being to go house for gatherings and LOVING IT

And no they didn’t just dump everything out of one room and into another room to ‘make space’….

When my client came to me she was feeling disconnected from her extended family and also her friends. They didn’t call over anymore and she was too embarrassed to invite them over in fear of what they might think of the mess.  She missed that connection with loved ones and would try so hard to just push past the feeling of embarrassment she had for her home. 

She tried to organise a friend’s dinner one evening. They all have children which makes meeting up that little bit harder so she wanted to make the effort. She thought I’ll just move the mess from the kitchen into another room and it will look fine. But then there was too much stuff in piles everywhere and it looked even worse. She then cancelled the plans for “rain check” because she couldn’t face having anyone in her home. 

When I worked with my client the main goal was to create a home where she no longer feels disconnected from her friends and extended family, to create a space she was proud of and wanted to invite people into. 

I introduced a home storage system in my client’s home. This system meant each room had a purpose and each room in her home had a system that worked for my client and her routines. There were no longer piles of clutter all over her home, or moving items from one room to another on a daily basis. 

Now my client absolutely loves inviting her friends over. She couldn’t be more proud of her home and loves being able to build connections with her friends and family. 

If you want to change how you feel about your home and find out more on how I can help reach out via the contact form today!

Chloe x

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