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Top 4 Tips To Organise & Declutter Your Shed/Garage

This week we are chatting about our sheds and how to make the most out of them.

Too often sheds become a dumping ground for anything that you don't want in your house, along with all the other outdoor/garden type items. Many people struggle to keep it organised or to create any type of system!

You don't have to be one of them....

1. Ensure it has a Purpose

Like with any other space we look at it is so important for that space to have a purpose. This means being clear on what the space is being used for.

When we think about sheds and their function, it could be to store outdoor items, to store paint, to store tools. Maybe you don't have room for your clothes airer or you mop in your kitchen so one section of the shed can be for household items.

This is up to you what you want the purpose to be. But just make sure you are clear on it.

2. Create zones

If your shed is 'multi-purpose' ensure each category has their own section and the space is easy to navigate through.

For example, keep the household items closer to the door in one section, the tools in another part and so on.

3. Categorise & Contain all items

You may think you don't need to categorise and contain items in the shed, but your shed is no different to other parts of your home.

It will still need to be organised or it will become chaos.

Keep like items together in their sections of course. Contain according to items, and label.

Big & small clear containers will come in handy here.

4. Do not let it become a dumping ground

As I mentioned above I see this all the time. Anything that is not wanted in the house gets put into the shed.

This happens for 2 main reasons...

1. Our house is not organised and we don't know where to put those items

2. We don't want the item but don't want to fully let go of it

Have a sit down and spend 10 minutes thinking.....

What is the shed currently used for?

Is it working?

What are the biggest problems with it?

How can I change it?

Do I need to change its purpose?

Do I need to do a declutter?

Thank you for reading! Next week I will continue on with this topic and share some storage solutions that you can use to make the most of the space!

Chloe x

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