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Using a list when decluttering & when not to use a list

Lets talk about lists. When is it good to have one, and when should we not have one?

When I talk about lists I mean a list of tasks that you want to complete in a day or a week. This is not your goals, or your reminders etc.

Ok, first up lets talk about creating a list when decluttering.

To hep you stay focused I advise creating a list with your top 3 tasks you want to complete this week. This will also keep you on track and hold yourself accountable to complete the task.

You can pick an area of your home that is adding to your stress, or that is not functioning well and work on small parts of it during the week. If you aim for three 15 minute Revitalises per week this is amazing. Anything achieved beyond this is extra!

For example one task could be to go through your cutlery drawer, the drawer in the hall, your bedside locker etc. Small tasks.

We know decluttering & organising is not a once off task and we need to continually review our homes... but it doesn't need to be another workload. We can incorporate it into our routines each week.

Now lets talk about how not to use a list

Over the last week this topic was playing heavy on my mind. I found a notebook that I bought around covid times that was filled with different pages for different types of lists.

One page was daily, weekly, monthly, it then went through all the seasons and it felt never ending. Even from looking at it now I feel such pressure & panic!

I felt it was a reminder of all the things I needed to do, and all the things I haven't completed. I didn't feel empowered.

We put so much pressure on ourselves, especially in the home environment. Having a list with more than 5 tasks on it, in my opinion is too much. We are looking at the list, panicking to try get it all done in that day or week, looking at what we didn't get done and then when the new week starts we are starting all over again.

Don't let a list control you. You control the list. Be honest. Be reasonable of what you can achieve in that week.

If a list makes you feel like this, don't use one. If it helps you to keep on track write down your top 5 tasks. Anything achieved beyond this is a bonus, and be proud of yourself!

Remember our homes are our homes, not a picture on Instagram.

*Would love to hear your thoughts below. Does having a small list help you? Do you feel under pressure and drained when you have a long list to complete?

As always if you need my help reach out today

Chloe x

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