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What to do with items that hold a sentimental value?

This one comes up a lot, and it is not an easy one to overcome.. nor do you have to.

We are all different, some people choose to keep everything and others won't have any attachment to items at all. You do what feels right for you. Don't feel you have to declutter anything from your home if you are not comfortable with that decision.

I am here to guide you in making that decision, and presenting the options to organise these items in your home. After all, if you are keeping them they need to be organised so you can see what you have and easily access them when needed.

From my experience it is a mixed one, some people like to 'know' they have all these items boxed away in the attic/storage and others when presented with the idea, want to display the sentimental/ memory items.

Really the main options are to either store them away, or to display them.

When I say display this doesn't mean open a mini museum in your home. It means you put them items in a place that works for your home and so you can see them every day and be reminded of that memory.

Ok lets do this!

Step 1: Gather all of your memory's and sentimental items together on the floor. This includes the ones in the attic already!

Step 2: Categorise them as much as you can. This can be done by item, by person, by location, by year.. whichever way works for you.

Step 3: Go through each category and decide what is being kept and what you could let go off. Do you have 3 of the same pictures? Do you have loads of your children's art work? Ask yourself why am I keeping this? Do you want that visual reminder? Remember, your memories are within you, by removing that one picture will not remove that memory or event.

This may not apply in every case, certain situations you may only have one and want to keep it, or maybe you have an item passed down etc. Take from this what works for you & again do what feels right for you.

Step 4: Once you have narrowed down the piles a little now you need to organise, contain the items and label. Boxes with lids are great for this. If you have art work - a folder. Photos - organise them in a way that you want and place them in a photo book or small photo storage boxes.

Step 5: Place them somewhere that works and you can get to when needed. Don't place where they can get damp etc. or even where they will get lost and forgotten about!


  • If you have your children's baby clothes would you turn them into a little teddy bear or a blanket?

  • Your child's first shoes? You can display these or even hang in a photo frame? (I seen this in a clients house and it was stunning)

  • Your parents or grand parents good China set.. can you take that out and use it for family dinners?

  • Kids art work - this can be a hard one for a lot of people. Can you keep the best 5/10 and put into one photo frame in their room or the playroom? (you can get frames that hold photos in the back of it, to rotate)

  • Photos - Do you need to keep all of them? Can you create a digital folder and keep a handful?

  • Your grand-mothers old jumper - can you place it in your wardrobe and wear it in your home on a winters evening?

Thank you for reading, I hope you took something from this!

If you are finding it hard to know how to store a sentimental item or what to do with it, feel free to message me for a chat!

For any inquiry's or booking please fill in the consultation form on the site!

Chloe x

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