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Why You Feel You are 'Getting Nowhere' With Organising Your Home

Many people come to me as they have tried to organise and declutter their homes but after a few weeks or months it will go back to the way it was or even during the decluttering process they don't feel they are making any difference to the overall space.

Below I will chat about why this can happen and different tips you can follow to get the best success rate. Of course, this is what I do all day every day, so if you want someone to do it for you reach out today!

Ok, lets get into it. This can happen for a few reasons:

  1. Overspending is still continuing and you are taking more items into your home

  2. You are buying items you don't have the space for in your home

  3. You are moving items around your home more so than decluttering

  4. There is no organising system put in place

  5. You are not creating a vision for your home

  6. You have not accessed the space and thought about what you NEED

Today I am going to be chatting about reason 5 & 6.

Creating A Vision For Your Home before starting any Decluttering or Organising

Before you start emptying the hall table think about what you would like your home to look like. Step outside your front door, close your eyes if you want, picture your home visually or you can draw a picture.

What does your home look like?

When you walk into your home what is the first thing you see?

How does it feel?

Walk around your home (Still outside visually thinking about our homes) and go into each room. Look around, what do you see, feel, hear. Really try to vision how you want your home to be. Be as detailed as possible.

Once you have this clear vision you can get to work. Always go back to this when you are decluttering and need a boost to keep going.

Accessing what you actually NEED for your home to work for you

You may be looking through Pinterest and have all these lovely ideas for your home. A clean, elegant sofa with a pink throw, a glass table in the middle..... but is that realistic for your home? Will it make your life easier?

When you are in each space access it as if you are using that room. So if you are sitting down on the sofa, what would you want near you, where are the remotes stored - do you need to walk to the other side of the room for them? Where are the throws - are they upstairs in the hot press?

Organising is about making your life easier. Having items easily accessible.

In your kitchen for example, having plates beside dishwasher, mugs beside kettle, spices beside cooker, and so on.

There are certain 'rules' I follow when organising any home. But not all homes or family's needs are the same. Look at what would work for you and your family.

Be creative too! Don't be afraid to make changes to the space

Happy organising!

If you want to find out how I can help transform your home. Fill in the form below for your free 30 minute consultation.

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