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You are in Control

This week we will be chatting about being in control of what comes into our home.

  • How do we make better decisions?

  • How do we use this control to our advantage?

Before we get started lets think... Everything in our home has come into it as we have allowed it in. We have either bought it, we accepted it as a gift or maybe the children guilt tripped us into buying a new toy... you are in Control.

  • Firstly we must look at ourselves. Look at our own buying habits.

Do you buy items to make yourself feel happy?

Do you buy items you love but don't think if you have the space at home?

Can you control your spending?

Do you buy your child a new toy every week?

Do you allow them to get a small toy/ item every time your in a shop?

Spend 5 minutes now thinking and reflecting on these answers.

The reason why I speak about this is to ensure you are in control of your spending and what you bring into your home.

There is no point you working hard to declutter & organise your home if you are spending mindlessly.

  • Then we look at what others can influence and how we control it

For example, Birthdays, Christmas and any other occasions. Tell people what you do and don't want. Yes, tell them. As Irish folks this is very hard but how can you expect someone to know what you need if you don't tell them?

Lets look at kids for an example. Lets say your family keep buying toys for Christmas and birthdays. Think of how many toys there would be in one year? Way too many I bet.

Say to them what the kids need, and if you don't need anything a voucher can always come in handy.

Even for yourself. Does someone keep buying you gift sets and you are just adding them to the collection?

Also, by telling others what you do and don't want this will also make their life easier. Not only are you saving clutter from building up in your home you are saving that person time and money.

To summarise

  • Think before you buy

  • Ask yourself the 'Buying questions' - See Instagram/ Facebook post.

  • Don't be afraid to tell people what you need

  • Don't be afraid to say 'No thanks' to people

  • Be strong & be in control

  • Remember you are in control of what comes into your home

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Chloe x

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