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Revitalise Your Home in 30 Days Challenge

Not sure where to start on create the home environment you want?

Do you feel like you have too much stuff everywhere and want to get on top of it?

Follow this FREE 30 day challenge guide to help you get started decluttering and organising your home. When I work with my Clients I transform their home by creating spaces that work for them, but this can not be done without decluttering first

Each day we will tackle a different space / category of items in your home. You will review the items and decide if you are removing them from your home, re homing to another space or keeping the items. You will also be organising, containing and labelling where needed / time allows. 

Don't forget to set your 15 minute timers! 

Want to join me on this challenge?

Once you have entered your details and click 'I Want In' a link will appear to download your free copy 

Click here to download

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